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You know how cold winters in Berlin can be. But don't worry, we're here for you! As your local partner in the HVAC trade, we offer individual heating solutions that are tailored exactly to your needs. Competent advice and top quality craftmanship are always included!

  • State-of-the-art heating technology
  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Personal advice
  • Eco-friendly & sustainable solutions
  • Reliable service including annual maintenance
  • Specialized installation
  • Diverse funding opportunities
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Do you want to modernize your heating system and save costs? We provide you with expert advice on all issues relating to heating replacement. You will receive your non-binding initial offer in 2 minutes via our heating calculator.

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With our heating check, we show you valuable savings potential. At the same time, you will meet the legal requirements for testing your gas heating system. Find out more about our attractive packages now.


Heating systems are complex and in use for thousands of hours a year. With a regular check, you can rest assured that everything is working optimally and reliably.


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For us, change means valuing the tried and tested and using sensible building technology to create new, creating positive living spaces. It feels good right from the start — We promise!

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Wir wurden mit dem German Customer Award ausgezeichnet

Die German Customer Awards prämieren jährlich Deutschlands beste Unternehmen im Bereich der Kundenzufriedenheit. Preisträger setzen Qualitätsstandards und heben sich durch besondere Leistungen und Innovationen im Kundenservice hervor.

Sustainable heating: Our modern heating concepts

When it comes to heating, everything today revolves around sustainability and renewable energy. In view of the expansion of the Building Energy Act (GEG), the focus is primarily on efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems such as heat pumps and hybrid heating systems. We'll show you how you can heat in a modern and future-oriented way without sacrificing comfort.

  • Sustainable heating solutions according to GEG
  • Heat pumps: efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Hybrid heaters for flexibility and safety
  • Funding opportunities
  • Individual solutions for every property
  • Top manufacturer brands, made in Germany
  • Expert advice for your heating project

Heat pumps:
Pioneering technology for your home

Many Berliners are initially reluctant to modernize their heating systems. It is often assumed that heat pumps are not suitable for every property. We have good news: Modern high-temperature heat pumps can also be used very efficiently in existing buildings. They use ambient air, groundwater or geothermal energy to generate environmentally friendly and cost-effective heat. Especially in combination with photovoltaic systems, they achieve a high degree of independence and efficiency. We are happy assist you with our expertise from the start to finish - from installation to government funding.

Hybrid heaters:
The best of two worlds

Hybrid heaters combine the advantages of various heating systems. For example, they combine a gas or oil heating system with a heat pump. This not only enables efficient use of renewable energy, but also offers a high level of reliability and adaptability to different weather conditions and energy prices.

By integrating various energy sources, you can reduce your dependence on fossil fuels while benefiting from lower operating costs.

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As a project planner and building energy consultant, I take care of all issues relating to the subject of heating. You can easily reach us via the direct contact form or by phone at 030 5497939-11.

Heating with a heat pump

Would you like to heat your house sustainably and cost-effectively with renewable energy? Then take advantage of the heat pump: efficient, environmentally friendly and future-proof! Switch now, save costs in the long term and make an important contribution to climate protection!

Smart photovoltaics

Looking for clean energy from your own roof? Benefit from the infinite power of the sun for your home! With modern photovoltaics, you not only generate environmentally friendly electricity from it, but you also reduce your energy costs and actively contribute to climate protection.

Gas Heating

Modern gas heating systems have a lot to offer to you and your home. Highly efficient, proven technology enables cost-effective and low-maintenance heating. Find out more about our gas heating solutions and your individual options here.

cell heating

More and more of our customers are enthusiastic about the topic of fuel cell heating systems — the innovative way of heating! High efficiency, low emissions and cutting-edge technology. Find out here how you can benefit from it for your home.

Super transparent, personal advice. We knew exactly how our new heating system would pay off for us!

Our brand partners for heating in Berlin

When it comes to heating engineering or heating modernization in Berlin, we rely exclusively on the best manufacturers on the market. Many of them, by the way, are family businesses made in Germany... just like us.


As a leading provider of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology, the German family-owned company stands for innovative and energy-efficient system solutions. With all products, Vaillant places great value on comfort, usability and sustainability in order to create a greener future.


Viessmann is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and cooling systems. With the aim of making living spaces sustainable for the future, the family-owned company focuses on innovative solutions and the highest quality standards and is thus actively driving the energy revolution forward.


Bosch Thermotechnology stands for high-quality heating products and hot water solutions. With pioneering technology and a clear focus on sustainability, innovation and convenience, the company makes a significant contribution to environmentally friendly heating and water supply.


Buderus (Bosch Group) for absolute quality and reliability in the area of heating and heating technology. With a wide range of products from efficient heating systems to intelligent control solutions, the company is clearly focused on sustainability, innovation and customer proximity.


The family-owned company specializes in drinking and heating water treatment and offers tailor-made solutions for private single-family homes as well as complex major projects. Magnetic products guarantee top quality standards and are 80% “made in Germany”.


Samsung is one of the top manufacturers in Europe when it comes to air-conditioning technology and produces first-class and energy-efficient air conditioning systems for private and business applications. Samsung combines environmental sustainability with ease of use to improve the quality of life.

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Unsere Preise für Serviceeinsätze findest du auf der Seite Preise. Die Kosten für eine Heizungswartung kannst du ganz einfach auf unserer Seite Heizungswartung berechnen lassen. Projektumfang und Anforderungen. Gerne erstel

Wir legen großen Wert auf ökologische Nachhaltigkeit und bieten innovative Lösungen im Bereich Erneuerbare Energien an.

Ja, wir bieten umfassende Wartungs- und Reparaturdienste an. Erfahre hier mehr zu unseren Services für Privatkunden sowie für regionale Hausverwaltungen.

Wir sind seit 1996 in Berlin tätig und bringen jahrelange Erfahrung im SHK-Handwerk mit.

Seit der Änderung des GEG ist diese Frage nicht mehr so einfach pauschal zu beantworten. In der Regel dürfen sie aber ab dem 31.12.2023 in Bestandsgebäuden nicht mehr ohne weitere Auflagen installiert werden. Es gibt jedoch Übergangs- und Ausnahmeregeln.

Ab dem 01.01.2024 gibt es zudem eine Aufklärungspflicht beispielsweise durch einen Energieberater oder Fachhandwerker.Generell sind jedoch folgende EE-Anteile durch grüne Brennstoffe zu berücksichtigen:

- 15 Prozent ab 2029
- 30 Prozent ab 2035
- 60 Prozent ab 2040

Ab dem 01.01.2045 fordert das Gesetz sogar komplette Klimaneutralität, also den Einsatz von 100 Prozent erneuerbarer Energien.Welche Lösung für dich in Frage kommt klären unsere Heizungs-Experten gerne in einem persönlichen Gespräch mit dir.