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Water — a valuable resource, in good hands with HGZ!

Water is the basic building block of life — and flows in every home in Berlin. The quality and safety of your home water technology is therefore particularly important to us. From water treatment to leak protection — we are your specialists for healthy and sustainable water management.

  • Smart solutions for clean water
  • Treated water as protection against damage
  • Modern soft water systems
  • Heating water treatment in accordance with VDI 2035
  • Drinking water treatment by Grohe Blue
  • Pipe breakage protection with Grohe Sense Guard
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WATER Knowledge

Dive into the exciting world of water with us! There is plenty to discover here: surprising facts, sustainable application ideas and innovative technologies related to precious water. Water knowledge is valuable and useful — for your home and for the environment.

Save water & sustainability

Water is a valuable resource. And fortunately, saving water actively is much easier than many think! Find out here how you can make a difference for your wallet and our planet with clever ideas and small changes in everyday life.


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water softeners: no chance for hard water!

Do you live in Berlin and struggle with hard water? Calcareous deposits in the bathroom and kitchen, rapid wear of household appliances and dry skin are the usual consequences. Soft water systems are the solution, because they provide soft water, protect your technology and save energy.

  • Cleanliness and freedom from lime in bath and kitchen
  • Softer, radiant laundry
  • Improved taste of coffee and tea
  • Lower your energy costs
  • Softer skin and smoother hair
  • Longer life span of your devices
  • Protection against pipe bursts and line damage

Water softener: the easy rescue for household appliances

In Berlin, we suffer from particularly hard water, which not only causes annoying calcium deposits, but also pollutes your household appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and even the heating system can be damaged by calcium deposits, resulting in a shorter lifespan and higher maintenance costs. Lime settles in the appliances, worsens their efficiency and increases energy consumption. A soft water system in your home can help here. It removes calcifying minerals from the water so that your devices are protected from damage and function optimally.

Feel good and save money
thanks to a soft water system

It's not just your household appliances that benefit from soft water. Your skin will also feel softer and smoother after showering and your hair will shine silkier. When washing, you can look forward to softer laundry. And even your tea or coffee will completely rediscover their aroma. Another important advantage is significant energy savings. This is because calcium deposits in water pipes drastically increase energy consumption. Investing in a soft water system therefore not only means greater comfort and quality of life, but also significant cost savings.

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Treat yourself and your home to the numerous benefits of a modern soft water system: longer-lasting household appliances, less calcium deposits and gentler water for laundry, skin and hair. Find out here which uncomplicated solutions we offer you.

domestic water

Looking for clean, clear water straight from your tap? With a high-quality domestic water filter, you can sustainably protect your entire installation and at the same time measurably improve the water quality in your home. Sounds good to you? It is, too. And we're happy to tell you how it works.

heating water

Would you like to know how treated heating water in accordance with VDI 2035 effectively protects your heating system and measurably increases the efficiency of your system? Then click here to find out more about optimal water quality and longevity for your heating system!


Not in the mood for unpleasant surprises or damage? The Grohe Sense Guard is your smart water safety protection. It monitors and controls your water pipes in real time to prevent leaks. Here you can find out how easy it is to waterproof your home.

Our watersoftener is awesome. We should have done it much earlier.

Our brand partners for domestic water technology in Berlin

When it comes to domestic water technology in Berlin, we rely exclusively on the best manufacturers on the market. Many of them, by the way, are family businesses made in Germany... just like us.


As a top expert for faucets, showers and sanitary systems, Grohe has always shaped the industry with high design standards, top technology and innovative sustainability. The products combine functionality, durability and aesthetics perfectly and make using water a real experience.


The family-owned company specializes in drinking and heating water treatment and offers tailor-made solutions for private single-family homes as well as complex major projects. Magnetic products guarantee top quality standards and are 80% “made in Germany”.


As an expert in water treatment, Grünbeck stands for quality and innovation in the area of clean water. Whether for household, industrial or commercial use — the brand promises the highest standards and durability and is committed to ensuring that every drop of water is optimally treated and protected.


BWT is a declared market leader in water treatment whose mission is to deliver the best water quality for everyone. BWT not only improves water through purification, but also through mineral enrichment, thus making a lasting contribution to health and well-being.

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Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers on the topic of domestic water technology in Berlin.

Z.b. indem wir bei dir eine Wasseranalyse durchführen. So können wir den genauen Härtegrad und andere Parameter deines Wassers bestimmen und gucken ob und wie wir dies optimieren können - z.B. durch den Einbau einer Enthärtungs- oder Weichwasseranlage.

Keine Sorge! Du kannst uns jederzeit kontaktieren. Wir bieten einen umfassende Wartungs- und Reparaturservices für nahezu alle sanitären Systeme in deinem Zuhause an.

Ja, weiches Wasser verhindert Kalkablagerungen in deinen Geräten, wodurch sie länger halten und effizienter arbeiten. Deswegen bieten auch Weichwasseranlagen viele Vorteile. Lass dich hierzu gerne von unseren Wasser-Experten beraten.

Das hängt vom jeweiligen Modell und deinem Wasserverbrauch ab. Im Durchschnitt empfehlen wir, den Filter alle 6-12 Monate zu wechseln.

Der Grohe Sense Guard überwacht deinen Wasserverbrauch, erkennt Leckagen und kann bei Bedarf die Wasserzufuhr automatisch abschalten, um Wasserschäden zu verhindern.

Die Grohe Blue Armatur liefert dir gekühltes, gefiltertes und (bei bedarf) kohlensäurehaltiges Wasser direkt aus dem Wasserhahn. Das spart Platz in deinem Kühlschrank, reduziert Plastikmüll von Wasserflaschen und erspart dir das lästige Kisten geschleppe. Die Grohe Blue Armatur funktioniert ähnlich wie ein Soda-Stream mit dem Vorteil, dass dein Wasser perfekt gekühlt und von Schadstoffen befreit ist und du kein zusätzliches Gerät rumstehen hast. Dein stilles oder sprudelndes Wasser kommt direkt aus deiner Küchenarmatur.

Beide Anlagen reduzieren die Wasserhärte, aber auf unterschiedliche Weise. Enthärtungsanlagen tauschen Calcium- und Magnesiumionen gegen Natriumionen aus, während Weichwasseranlagen das Wasser mit Salz behandeln, um Kalkablagerungen zu verhindern.